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Frequently Asked Questions :

1 How can I make a reservation?
  At Singh Limo Service DC reservations can be made in the following 3 ways:
    Online: Reservations

  Phone: Toll Free: 888-523-8661, Telephone: (301) 523-8661

2 How many hours/ days in advance do I need to make a reservation?
  For online and email reservations we recommend that you notify us at least 24 Hours In advance. If less than 24 hours please call our reservation help desk via phone.
3 Do I have to give a deposit at the time of booking?
  For advance bookings a deposit of 30% on selected package is required. The balance amount will have to be cleared at the end of the journey.
4 When & how will I get the chauffeur & limo details?
  1 hour prior to the commencement of your journey, you will receive a SMS on your mobile number with the limo Number, Chauffeur Name & Cell Phone Number.
5 Where will I meet the chauffeur at the Airport and/ or at the Railways? 
  Given the Chauffeurs are not allowed inside the Airport and have limited entry at railways, our executive chauffeur will meet you, your guests or clients at the Airport pick up point at the Domestic or International airport/ Railway Terminus, to provide personal assistance. Leveraging our “VIP Meet & Greet” service, the chauffeur will be holding a personalized greeting sign with the name or a designation of your choice. The chauffeur will help with the bags and escort you through the airport to your private & luxurious limo. We will then ensure that the trip to your destination is comfortable, expeditious and hassle free. 
6 What is included as part of the Tariff? 
  The Tariff Includes Luxury limo of your choice, Fuel, Insurance & Chauffeur costs.
7 What is not included in the Tariff?
  The Tariff does not include any Parking Costs, Toll Charges, Fuel Surcharges (If Applicable), Entrance Fees, Taxes & Tips to the Chauffeur. 
8 What are the payment modes I can use to pay? 
  The following modes of payment can be used:
    Online Payment Gateway
  Debit & Credit Card (MC, Visa, AMEX). 
  Demand Draft (In the name of Singh Limo DC)
  Wire Transfer/ RTGS Bank Transfers. Needs to be completed before the journey begins. 
  Personal or Company Checks. Needs to be cleared 2 days before journey begins. 

9 How do I pay with a credit/ debit card? Do I get charged an extra fee? 
  If You Wish to use your Debit/Credit Card, we will email you a secure CC Avenue link before your travel to pay the deposit. Another link will be sent to you in order to pay the remaining balance after your travel is complete. 
10 Under what name do the charges appear on my credit/ debit card statement? 
  Singh Limo DC
11 Can I pay using a foreign currency?
  When paying in cash we only accept $ US. 
12 If using cash, can I give the cash directly to the chauffeur?
  Yes. We hire only professional & trustworthy Chauffeurs. 
13 Do I need to tip the chauffeur? How much is enough? 
  If you feel our Chauffeurs have met or exceeded your expectations you can feel free to tip them as you feel appropriate. Normally a 5% of your total Tariff is a good rule of thumb to calculate the tip. Please note that the tips will not be accounted for against your bill. 
14 How is the distance & time calculated? 
  Time and Distance are calculated as follows:
    Local 4 Hours - Garage to Garage billing
  Daily 8 Hours - Garage to Garage billing
  Work Day 12 Hours - Garage to Garage billing
  Outstation 24 Hours - Garage to Garage billing
  Airport Pick Up/Drop Off- Garage to Garage billing

15 Are there any extra charges for festivals and public holidays? 
  For festivals and public holidays there will be an additional surcharge.
16 What if I go over the assigned time & kms package? 
  Not a problem. Each package has a pre defined minimum charge for both additional hours & additional kms. Please refer to the Tariff page for the exact figures based on your package and choice of Limo. 
17 What if I don't go over the assigned time & kms package? Is there a carry forward or roll over plan?
  Unfortunately, roll over’s are not allowed and there are no discounts in the case you do not use up the maximum time or kms based on your selected package. 
18 Are there any cancellation charges? 
    Cancellation made more than 2 hours before the duty reporting time: Nil.
  Cancellation made 2 hours before the duty reporting time: Deposit amount will not be refunded.
  Cancellation charges once the Limo has left our premises: Minimum rental slab will be applicable.
  No monies will be returned while booking Luxury Limo. A Full "Non-Refundable" Payment will need to be made during time of booking.

19 How are outstation trips calculated?
  We have the pre defined & calculated the lowest Outstation fares. Minimum rental packages for outstation trips are based on 24 hours and comes with 250 kms. Please refer to the Tariff page for the exact figures based on the choice of Limo.
20 What services does the VIP Concierge service include? 
  Live Life Tailor Made. Our Concierge teams are waiting to cater to all your professional & personal needs - of course with a splash of panache. Tell us your idea or problem and we will hunt down the solution. Service include but are not limited to:
  Corporate Services

  Please refer to our VIP Concierge or email our Concierge team at for further details. 
21 Is there an additional cost for the Concierge service? 
  Depending on the type of request or service you need there may be an applicable cost associated with it. 
22 Can I eat and/ or smoke in the Limo? 
  Singh Limo Service DC maintains a strict eating and no smoking policy in all its vehicles. We do however provide a drink & small snack to each of our guests. 
23 Can I consume alcoholic beverages in the Limo? 
  Only for special occasions/ rentals we may allow and serve you with a bottle of Champagne/ Wine or a choice of alcoholic beverage. Please coordinate with our Concierge for any such requests. 
24 Will I get an invoice?
  Yes, the Chauffeur will provide you with an itemized invoice at the end of your journey. However, In order to save trees, we recommend you provide us with your email address so we can email a soft copy of your bill directly to you. 
25 How do I make a long term rental?
  Please call our reservation desk at Toll Free: 888-523-8661, Telephone: (301) 523-8661 or
Fax: (301) 549-1157 for long terms rental requests. 
26 Can I or my company lease a Limo from you based on an operating agreement?
  Singh Limo DC specializes in Corporate Leasing. Please fill out a request form at Corporate Leasing to have our leasing specialist reach out to you. 
27 How many days notice do you require for luxury Limo reservation
  Luxury Limo bookings have to be made minimum of two weeks in advance due to restoration time needed for these Limos. A Full “Non-Refundable” Payment to be made during the time of booking.
28 Are there any cancellation charges for Luxury Limo? 
Yes. A Full “Non-Refundable” Payment to be made during time of booking.
29 Can I decorate any of your luxury fleets for my wedding or special event? 
  As part of our wedding limo service we provide the provision for floral arrangements and Velvet V ribbons for the limo, to ensure you arrive in the most glamorous way possible. We are happy to work with your wedding organizers, to understand any specific color coordination requirements, ensuring the wedding story is all in-sync.
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